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Little Learners Live - free daily online activity ideas for under 5s Mon-Fri 10.00am.

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Create your own salt dough memory!


Ingredients for this size -

500g of plain flour

250g salt

250mls of water (add slightly more water if necessary)

Bake in oven on lowest heat for 3 hours or until rock hard (took about 4 hours for ours)

▶️Mix the flour and salt then add the water
▶️Mix into a dough
▶️Roll out onto flat surface into desired shape about 1-1.5cm thick (remember to sprinkle

       some flour down to prevent sticking)
▶️Place on a baking tray
▶️Make hand imprints (as deep/clear as possible)
▶️place in the oven on the -lowest heat possible- and leave for 3-4 hours or until completely

      solid top and bottom. (Alternatively you can leave to air dry for a couple of days in a cool dry place)
▶️Paint with your choice of paints/colours (I used acrylic paints
▶️Seal with any kind of varnish or sealer to preserve it. Varnish, modpodge, PVA and water mix

If you haven't got paint in, make it now and paint it later! 

Salt dough memory.jpg

Nottinghamshire County Council have 

put together a list of hints and tips for

Pre-School children. It also includes some 

great links to appropriate websites during the coronavirus lockdown.