Language Lead

Sam is our fully accredited language lead, undertaking a level 3 award in Supporting Children's Speech and Language Development. Her role is to ensure that language and communication is embedded across all areas of children's development. She will do this in the following ways:

  • Foster and promote an understanding of the importance of early language and communication skills in order to develop good practice.

  • Identify and support the development needs within the early years teams, parents, children's centres, schools and settings.

  • Liaise closely with SALT teams.

  • Ensure that language resources are high quality, offer diversity and are appropriate.

  • To contribute/be involved in a network of language leads to identify needs within the wider community. Support use of signs and symbols.

  • Offer creative suggestions to enable all children to communicate.

As part of this, we have a 'Talking Tuesday Challenge' and we welcome any photos or stories you have of your child taking part. This could be:


  • Reading a book with a torch

  • Read a book in an unusual place

  • Read a book in your pyjamas

  • Read a book with an animal in it


Please check out the language for life website if you have any concerns regarding your child's speech, language and communication development. They have a range of tools, tips etc. to help you:

Alternatively you can speak to Sam at pre-school who will offer advice and guidance.

Also, have some fun when your child brings home Betsy Bunny or Rover the Dog.

Betsy Bunny and Rover the Dog will be going on their adventures to spend the weekend at your home. Please could parents take some photo's of them doing the things your children love e.g. playing in the garden, going to the park, parties etc.

They should then be returned to Pre-School the following week, ready for their next adventure. You can bring your photos in or email them to:

If you have any questions please see Sam. All children will get a turn.

Rover the Dog

Betsy Bunny


Please see the documents below for our Language lead activities and songs: