Little Explorers

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We go and explore nature on Chapel Lane Field, The Southwell Trail or around our village for activities that encourage children to explore natural materials.

Children will be taken on a rota basis so that all children in blue group can take part.

  • Little Explorers and Outdoor Clothing

    • All children need to wear sensible footwear, ideally wellies, snow boots or trainers.

    • No sandals, crocs or other open shoes to be worn during Little Explorers sessions.

    • Children to wear long trousers and socks to protect their legs from scratches and stings.

    • We provide all-in-one waterproof and lined suits if necessary.

    • If it is cold, please make sure your child has thick socks for wellington boots, as these don’t provide much insulation and children with cold toes aren’t happy children!

    • Likewise, please provide named gloves, which are attached to the child’s jacket with either elastic or clips, so they are less likely to get lost.

    • If your child is in nappies or potty training, waterproof trousers are better for obvious reasons.

    • Please make sure you name all the outdoor gear.



We may need volunteers when we want to give more children the opportunity to take part in Little Explorers activities. If interested, please let Amanda know when you are available.                                                                                        

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