What do we do at Pre-School?

Blue Group love our 'Little Explorers' activity. The children really enjoy getting out in the big field or on to the Southwell Trail to find nature's treasures! Sometimes, we go to the trail and stick faces on the trees or make snow men from flour and sticks!

Explorers 12.jpg
Explorers 6.jpg
Explorers 2.jpg

We also enjoy Yoga with Paula and Spanish with Caroline.

Yoga 2.jpg
Yoga 3.jpg
Yoga 4.jpg
Spanish 2.jpg

Thanks to funds received from the Co-op Local Community Fund,

we have been able to provide extra and exciting activities

for the children.

We learned Spanish with Caroline.

Sue has kindly been teaching the children tennis.

The children have be getting active with Becky Silcock's

         Music & Movement.

Paula has calmed them down with yoga.


Sing 2.jpg